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No. Cryptocurrencies are classified by the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission) as high-risk assets and, as such, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. Our algorithms provide you with a competitive advantage in the long term and, although they are designed to diversify risk and mitigate market volatility, they are not exempt from the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrencies.

We only invoice the 20% of the profits you make each month. If you do not make any profits in a month, we do not charge anything.

This 20% is directly deducted from your account at the end of the month.

CryptoTechFin provides an automated digital service in the form of an integrated platform service that acts as an intermediary between Depasify Sl. (regulated under the registration of the Bank of Spain as a provider of virtual currency exchange services by trust that offers KYC, AML, payment and brokerage gateways) and the client through the exchange of information and the transmission of automated buy and sell orders for the client's cryptocurrencies based on the strategies described for each algorithm as described in the algorithm's description. éste.

For more information, read our Terms and Conditions.

For the algorithms to function correctly in the market, they need a minimum capital in order to operate properly. This minimum capital increases according to the number of pairs that the algorithm operates on simultaneously.

The minimum prices are as follows:

Classic indexing: the minimum required investment is 600€.

Top 3 Blockchain indexing: the minimum required investment is 900€.

Top 5 Blockchain + DeFi indexing: 1.500€.

Top 7 Market Cap indexing: 2.100€.

There is no maximum capital in any of the algorithms.

No. At the end of each month, if there are profits, the indexed algorithm takes those profits and converts them to euros, setting them aside.

If the user stops the algorithm at any time, the system converts everything in the account that is not euros to euros.

The explanation is as follows: when the algorithm is activated, it takes the capital and converts it to the pairs that the algorithm needs. The algorithm operates normally, and at the end of each month, if there are profits, it takes those profits and converts them to euros and sets them aside.

Why does it produce profits? Because it works with an "unstable" currency and another "stable" currency (MATIC vs USDT, for example). The algorithm plays with that and every time it "wins," it accumulates MATICs, converts them to USDTs, keeping the number of MATICs fixed, and the USDTs earned are not touched until the end of the month, when they are converted to euros. That is to say, in each algorithm, the USDTs act as temporary "piggy banks" until the end of the month.

In the near future, you will be able to reinvest the profits by activating it from our platform .

Both the deposit and the withdrawal are in euros for two reasons:

1. Security, so that your funds cannot be stolen (they only return to your bank account).

2. Money laundering, as otherwise they could use our service for issues related to money laundering.

Can I contribute more capital to a running algorithm?

At this time it is not possible, but it will be available soon.

Can I withdraw my money whenever I want?

Yes. You just need to stop the algorithm and contact soporte@cryptotechfin.com requesting the refund of the amount to stop date. Stopping the bot means that all the capital in your account is transferred to Euros.

Within 72 hours, a transfer will be made back to the same bank account with which the capital contribution was made.

Can I withdraw profits whenever I want?

Contact soporte@cryptotechfin.com requesting the withdrawal of profits.

Within 72 hours, a transfer will be made back to the same bank account from which the capital was deposited.

Yes. Inside the "My Panel" section, after entering the algorithm you have activated, you will see the option to disable the algorithm

To delete the account, simply go to the "Profile" section and at the end of the page you will find the button to delete your account.

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CryptoTechFin will provide you with a list of operations so that you can correctly file your tax return, provided that you request it in advance by emailing soporte@cryptotechfin.com

At CryptoTechFin, we are transparent, honest, and cautious with all the information we provide to our users, and that is why we want to inform any user or potential user about the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies.

1. High volatility:

The value of investments and the returns obtained from them may experience significant fluctuations, both upwards and downwards. Investment in cryptocurrencies is not regulated, may not be suitable for retail investors, and the total amount invested may be lost.

2. Guarantees and compensation:

The prices of cryptocurrencies are formed in the absence of mechanisms that ensure their correct formation, such as those present in regulated securities markets.

3. Risks inherent in technology:

The registration of transactions in blockchain-based networks operates through consensus protocols that may be susceptible to attacks that attempt to modify this record, and in the event of success, there would be no alternative record that supports these transactions or the corresponding balances to the public keys, and the total loss of cryptocurrencies may occur.

The anonymity facilities that cryptocurrencies can provide make them a target for cybercriminals, as in the case of stealing credentials or private keys, they can transfer cryptocurrencies to addresses that make it difficult or impossible to recover them.

The custody of cryptocurrencies is a very relevant responsibility, as they can be lost in their entirety in the event of theft or loss of private keys.

If you have any questions about the indicated risks, you can contact us directly at soporte@cryptotechfin.com

This is a list of our official channels. You should only get information about CryptoTechFin news through them. If for any reason you are contacted by another channel in our name that is not on this list, please contact us at soporte@cryptotechfin.com

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